Celebrity Pug doesn’t have much time to check her social media streams, and when she does, she’s overwhelmed with kind messages from drooling fans. In order for Celebrity Pug to maintain her fabulous style, she receives e-Newsletters from her favorite pug fashions retailers such as Stylish Pug.*

Last week’s e-Newsletter’s caught her attention when she saw the headline “Red Carpet Styles to Elongate Your Legs.” She was educated about the hottest red carpet styles and later decided to check out the retailer’s website with the provided 20% off coupon code that was in the e-Newsletter. She found and purchased the perfect dress for a movie premiere.

Although email has been around for two decades, it continues to be an effective and necessary internet marketing tool for companies to build brand awareness and reach target audiences, like Celebrity Pug. Not everyone actively checks Facebook, Twitter, or other social media channels and when they do, messages can often be buried under all the content. By using e-Newsletters, your company is reaching audiences it may have missed, while strengthening relationships for the ones it didn’t. And while it’s easy to miss content posted on social media streams, emails can be more personal and reliable. Celebrity Pug may have missed “Red Carpet Styles to Elongate Your Legs” in her Twitter stream, but she didn’t miss it in the e-Newsletter.

But e-Newsletters don’t always work. They need to be relevant to the customers without blatantly focusing on selling a product. They should educate or entertain, like telling a pug how to dress for her shape. And perhaps most important of all, they need a call to action. What will the e-Newsletter motivate customers to do after they’re finished reading?

Celebrity Pug was initially introduced to Stylish Pugs by one of her co-stars, P.(Pug) Diddy, while shopping for a new pair of sunglasses. After finding a pair of fabulous shades from the company, she happily subscribed to their biweekly newsletter. She enjoys the style tips, celebrity pug interviews, and great deals that she wouldn’t have seen otherwise. And because of this, she will remember to think of them for future purchases.

 *Stylish Pugs is not an existing retailer for pugs, although we wish it were.