At Applied Interactive, our success relies on the talents of several strong and accomplished women who put the “T” in STEM (technology!), including web developers, designers, and even a former Navy nuclear reactor technician.

We unequivocally support gender equality and women’s rights, however, knowing that we wouldn’t last a day without women, the following policy was introduced:


Applied Interactive is a small business and would not succeed for a single day without several essential women. In honor of “A Day Without a Woman,” all employees will accrue a bonus personal/sick day. If anybody takes the day off tomorrow, they may do so with respect. The day may also be saved and used at a later date.


In addition to offering employees the opportunity to take the day off, we are making donations to local and international organizations:


Female leadership in the local community (YWPA)


Local women in need of assistance (Abby’s House)


Coed educational opportunities in Somaliland (Abaarso Tech)


We are proud to support our team members and the wider community as we seek fair and equal opportunity for all.