Content Developer, Jennifer Albernaz

Content Developer, Jennifer Albernaz

Applied Interactive is expanding its staff and welcoming some new members that are poised to set unprecedented standards in web marketing. In this ongoing series we’ll be introducing you to these creative, passionate, and extremely talented individuals and learning a little bit about the people that are the heart and soul of our team.

Jennifer joined our team as Content Developer in mid-May of 2015, and although brightly colored hair isn’t a requirement, her vibrant locks and inquisitive personality made her a great fit for Applied Interactive. Coming from a long history of sales, Jennifer utilizes her creativity and curiosity to dig deep into everything our clients have to offer and extract engaging content that keeps readers hooked.

  • What is your position here?

Officially, I am the ‘content developer’. I take ideas for web pages, blog posts, and any other customer-facing information we’re planning to present, and flesh them out to make sure they’re engaging and accurate. I research topics and conduct interviews with clients to make sure we’re getting our content from the best sources. By working closely with clients and the rest of the content team, I make sure that our clients are always making the best possible impression. Clients can focus on running their business with the reassurance that we have their best interest in mind.

  • What were your first impressions of Applied Interactive?

My first impression? “Wow! Look at all the dogs!!” All joking aside, I was really taken in by the atmosphere and culture of AI. They really understand that a person’s value can only truly be based on their abilities. There are plenty of people here that don’t fit the standard “professional” profile but produce extremely high quality work. By looking past things like unconventional hair color AI showed me that they were interested in building a team that is focused on great results over superficial qualities. AI lets us all be who we are and values our unique personalities and contributions. And having dogs in the office is a great stress reliever on challenging days.

  • What made you interested in marketing?

My background is pretty unusual—I went to school for illustration and film, but after school I discovered I had a talent for sales. By transitioning into content development I got to combine these skills in a really unique way: using my storytelling abilities to communicate with our client’s audience while relying on my sales knowledge to decide what information is important to convey. I love that I spend my day helping companies put their best foot forward and contribute to their growth and success, especially interesting companies like AI’s clientele. Every day I get to learn something new while researching our material and then share what I learn with the world. Being a content developer is a bit like being a detective and a journalist combined—there’s something fascinating about every story and it’s my job to find it and coax it out for everyone to see.

  • Describe one part of your daily routine you cannot live without.

My coffee! I tend to be a bit of a night owl, but I also like to start my day pretty early so my caffeine fix is a must-have.

  • What makes AI a great match for you?

I’ve never been one to hide who I am and AI lets me express myself without hesitation. I never have to worry someone is judging me based on what I wore to the office that day. AI encourages everyone on the team to embrace our differences and use them to our advantage. The approach to content creation here is focused on producing high quality content quickly, and they empower us with a lot of freedom to tailor our approach to each task individually. A lot of what we do can be very challenging and it’s fantastic that AI is so enthusiastic when it comes to providing the tools for us to accomplish our goals.

  • What goals do you hope to accomplish here (personal or professional)?

Well on a professional level I really want to grow my understanding of internet marketing on the whole. My skills are really communication-based, but the intricacies of the more technical side of marketing are still new for me. Luckily there are a lot of resources here that I can draw on. It was obvious from the moment I stepped in the door that AI wanted to see me succeed just as much as I do, and I intend to take advantage of the opportunity in any way I can.

  • What previous experiences have been useful to you in your endeavors here?

My sales background has been a great asset when it comes to thinking about how we present our content. Our clients provide great products and services, and sales is really about highlighting their best qualities. By thinking from a sales-based perspective I can make sure that we focus on the information that potential customers will want to know. My background in visual storytelling means I can quickly distill the best way to convey a concept, which is especially important if we’re introducing a new product or idea and need to be certain the audience will understand.

  • How do you unwind in your free time?

I have a lot of hobbies, pretty much anything to do with art or creativity. I draw, paint, sew, write… you name it. And I love to read and watch movies, especially fantasy and sci-fi. Nothing beats the luxury of escaping to a different world for a few hours to explore strange galaxies or go to battle with ferocious monsters.

  • If you could go back in time to the day of your high school graduation and give yourself one piece of advice, what would you say?

I would tell myself to work hard, persevere, and to set goals. I was a lot less focused back then, but I’ve learned that setting clear goals is extremely important. How can you reach the finish line if you don’t know where it is? I would also tell myself not to be afraid to ask questions. In high school I was a lot less confident and more worried about asking stupid questions. Now I’ve come to understand that people respect you more if you can admit the limits of your knowledge and accept help from someone with more expertise. I’ve always been a very curious person—the kind of kid who took her toys apart to see how they worked, and gaining the confidence to approach an expert and not be afraid to say “I don’t know everything” means that I can get the answers to those questions and build my own repertoire.