Does your business’s blog feel like a desert outpost? If your site traffic needs a boost, revisit these blogging strategy basics to find your buyers.

Get inside your buyer’s head

Can you describe your target customers and their top concerns in detail? If not, review your buyer personas until you are clear on their stories: the who, what, where, when, how, and why of their buying behavior.

Next, understand what keywords your target buyers are using and leverage them. Keywords are either broad (short tail) or specific (long tail). For example, people searching for laptops might use:

  • Laptop (short tail)
  • Widescreen gaming laptop (long tail)

If your site is still building traffic, try long-tail keywords to improve your chances of ranking highly in search results. If your traffic is established, then consider using both short tail and long tail to widen your net.

Write content that adds value

First, grab your reader’s attention with a tempting title. Most people stop at headlines, so craft yours with emotionally charged words and value propositions to hold interest. Try “Brand X Declares War on Brand Y” instead of “Brand X Steps Up the Competition.”

Every potential buyer has a concern, and your posts should offer actionable information. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes and ask whether you still have doubts after reading the article. If so, then rewrite until your ideal customer has no reason to look elsewhere.

Your content also needs to be credible. Visitors will check your assertions, so make sure you fact check using solid sources. Back up arguments with data and sound reasoning. Consider quoting relevant thought leaders to add authority and a fresh voice.

Build loyalty with fresh content

Your audience should regularly find new articles with fresh perspectives on your site. To gain more traffic, consider posting as often as possible without sacrificing quality or consistency. Talking about trending topics can help generate interest, especially if you are able to put a unique spin on the subject that differentiates your content from the pile.

Even top content will lose readers if the format never varies. Keep your audience engaged with novel approaches such as quizzes, interviews, and eye-catching images and videos.

Seal the deal

Every blog post is an opportunity to educate your viewers and encourage them toward the next step of the buying process.

Tailor your call to action to your post topics. Relevance is key to driving conversions, so avoid using a generic CTA at the end of your article. If your post is about the benefits of personal budgeting software, for example, then an effective CTA might offer a free software trial.

Leverage marketing tools

To boost traffic, leverage other distribution channels such as guest blogging and social media platforms. Marketing analytics are invaluable for determining the winners for your overall content strategy.

Factor in the value of your own time in creating success. Marketing automation tools can offload tasks such as scheduling posts and streamlining SEO.

If you put in the sweat equity, your blog can grow into a true business asset—and even be fun!