It’s a concern we run across quite often; companies worry that the industry in which they operate is simply too “boring” to allow for good, creative marketing. The reality is, however, that there are no boring industries, only a vacuum of ideas about how to effectively market them.

Creating a successful online marketing strategy for some of these more esoteric industries requires going well beyond simply publishing SEO-friendly content. As a general rule, that type of content is created with the sole intent to facilitate links back to it. However, in those instances where subject matter is difficult to communicate and the list of those who publish on the topic is narrowly represented, quality backlinks can be difficult, if not impossible, to obtain.

Opportunity arises when you remember that those who do find a means of capturing the target audience’s attention will become the prominent voice in an otherwise quiet space, elevating reputation by default if nothing else.

Because of this, businesses operating in these “less than glamorous” sectors will likely be more successful by focusing on a content development strategy that first identifies linking opportunities and then creates content specifically targeted to service them. This enhances the likelihood that the content will draw links, improving its ranking in search engine results. Yes, this was a somewhat circuitous route to the SEO promised land, but it clearly maximized the odds of being able to reap a reward from the effort.

So, what’s the secret to grabbing the attention of your target audience? How do you create compelling content for boring industries? This is easier than you may at first think. The trick is to not lose sight of the fact that you are, at least on some level, a “representative slice” of those in your target audience. Chances are more than fair that, if you find a topic compelling yourself, others in your industry – and its target demographic – will as well.

Do you keep up with your own industry’s news and trends? Do you have opinions and ideas about where your industry is headed? Do you have any stories to share that educate your customer base, saving them time, money, and/or aggravation? Do tell! By demonstrating such a clear understanding of your audience and its needs, you inspire trust and loyalty – the ultimate result of any successful marketing effort.

Like everything else in business, it all boils down to one maxim: Know your customer and cater to their interests. Given its proper attention, everything else will eventually fall into place.