Since its inception, web video has proven to be an effective means of communication with your customer base, but video marketing has often proved to be a difficult, slow, and costly process. However, in recent years, with greatly increased bandwidth and faster devices readily available to today’s viewers, the effective reach of video marketing strategies has grown dramatically and “business-casual” videos are now taking the web by storm.

Proof of the effectiveness of video marketing is everywhere, with perhaps the most impressive statistics being that three out of every four of users will visit a marketer’s website after viewing a video online, and that website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video. Now, let’s consider the fact that your site is FIFTY times more likely to show up on the first page of search engine results if it has a video, or that an introductory company email that includes a video increases click-through rates by a whopping 96%!

The advantages of video are clear.

With this in mind, Applied Interactive now offers our clients the benefits of having a purpose-built, video production studio at their disposal; a convenient and collaborative environment in which to efficiently – and affordably – develop professional videos that deliver quality traffic and actionable leads.

The new studio is a large, soundproofed space equipped with professional video and sound recording equipment, and is set up with various vignettes suitable for staging anything from the standard “talking head” or “interview” to a close-up, hands-on demonstration of complex products under controlled lighting. Presentation tools like whiteboards can be employed and company logos or other insignia can be placed in strategic locations to brand the set from all camera angles.

Applied Interactive also performs editing and post-production tasks. As part of the editing process, related photos can be added (employing the “Ken Burns-effect”) for easy b-roll if needed, transitions between scenes or “picture-in-a-picture” effects can be created, and sound recording levels can be managed as needed. Lastly, the raw video will be digitally compressed to deliver the best possible combination of video quality and uninterrupted online streaming.

As a final measure of quality control, Applied Interactive uses only best SEO practices when posting videos to the web, making sure the traffic generated is going to our client’s website and not to that of its competition.

By adding this new production studio, Applied Interactive has created a truly creative environment that addresses the unique needs of our clients, providing each with yet another tool to help ensure their success.

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