Whether or not you believe that the world is coming to an end on December 21st, you are likely still planning your content marketing strategy for the upcoming year, just in case. At Applied Interactive, we have put together 5 top strategies for content creation and content marketing plans for the next year. We hope we get to use them!


Apocalypse Pug

1. Develop a Content Marketing Mission.

Defining the content marketing mission for a client helps to structure a strategy. Everyone working on the marketing team should know the mission and it should be integrated into every blog and social media post. This helps to keep the marketing campaign aligned with the company’s mission, and helps to create genuine, relevant content. Make sure the mission statement involves goals for the next year.


2. Answer Questions.

This means the questions customers are asking about the product or service, whatever that may be. Search forums for frequently asked questions to find out what customers want to know. Perhaps you can’t tell them the meaning of life before Judgment Day, but in case that isn’t where we’re headed, you can answer some commonly asked questions for unique, relevant content that will keep your customers engaged.

3. Utilize your Identity.

Google prioritizes their social network, Google+ over other search results. Using Google Authorship allows an author’s Google+ page to be linked to their content, making it more visible in search results and increasing the credibility and authority of that content. Read our previous blog post on other ways to leverage your online identity.

4. Go Mobile!

Make sure your content is easy to access on both smartphones and tablets. An amazing website on a computer may not look as amazing in a different format. It’s important to make sure customers can access content in an enjoyable format on any device. Mobile versions of websites are becoming a necessity, especially for e-commerce sites.

5. Be a leading provider of information.

If the world were ending, would you want to go out as just another blog? No! The goal should be to become the number one source for information for your niche. Even if it does not turn out that way, having this as a goal will set your content apart and encourage creative content development.


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