Meet Our Leadership Team

The team at Applied Interactive oversees all client strategy, supported by experienced content producers, web developers, and graphic designers working together to help our clients achieve and exceed their web marketing goals.

Joshua, President & CEO

As the president and CEO of Applied Interactive, Joshua spends his days collaborating with clients to ensure their strategies are properly aligned with their objectives. With an eye for detail and over fifteen years of experience optimizing websites, Joshua carefully monitors production output to create the highest-quality deliverables for clients. He is committed to delivering value at every step of the client journey.

Joshua utilizes deep technical and creative experiences to better achieve client goals. His consultative approach allows him to ask the right questions, understand what’s important, and properly allocate resources so clients can achieve their campaign objectives and business goals. When he is not busy helping Applied Interactive clients, Joshua can be found learning a new skill, spending time with his family, or playing with his adorable pugs.

Jennifer, Vice President of Creative Services

As the vice president of creative services, Jennifer is responsible for driving the artistic vision behind each client’s digital presence. She works directly with clients to highlight their best attributes and create clear and successful branding. Jennifer’s strength lies in her ability to craft engaging narratives for each client. She achieves these narratives by determining appropriate campaign themes and messages, designing strategic campaigns, and overseeing the implementation of all digital efforts.

Jennifer leverages her background in filmmaking and illustration to tell each client’s story. Her integral work helps clients generate new leads, attract the right types of customer, and retain those customers with online experiences that enrich their business relationships. When Jennifer is not busy crafting client brands, she can be found building costumes, painting, drawing, and writing creative works.

Jack, Technical Operations Manager

As the technical operations manager, Jack oversees all technical procedures and systems that help keep Applied Interactive running smoothly. He works primarily on the development of new features for the Applied website that help its clientele and team operate with maximum efficiency. He is responsible for streamlining lead generation, lead management, and onboarding strategies.

Jack’s ability to face complex problems and break them down into easily identifiable steps makes him the team’s “go-to guy” for developing strategies to solve technical challenges. His passion for technology extends beyond the workplace—he keeps track of the latest developments in the field, from artificial intelligence to driverless cars. When he’s not in the office, you might catch him at a local comedy club, as he also has a talent for stand-up comedy!

Marie, Senior Web Developer

Marie is a coder with a business background and is the cornerstone of Applied Interactive’s web development practice. She is fluent in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, and jQuery and is able to figure out just about any website platform and troubleshoot any error.

Marie has an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University, a BS in finance from Merrimack College, and has supplemented her education with a certification from Clark University in digital media and web development.


Martha, Accounting Manager

As the accounting manager, Martha is responsible for the financial side of the business. Her work includes invoicing, paying bills, managing payroll, and maintaining company records. She has more than fifty years of experience in finance and account management.

Martha has an innate sense for good bookkeeping. She has a keen eye for numbers and enjoys investigating patterns of variables to ensure their veracity. Outside of work, she lives an active lifestyle training dogsspecifically springer spanielsin sporting events such as agility trials and hunting tests.


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