Web Marketing Strategy Consulting

Applied Interactive provides strategic web marketing for select growth organizations. The fully managed inbound marketing program combines rigorous analysis and a variety of content and social media strategies to generate actionable leads for your business.

Web Marketing Strategy Consulting Focused on ROI

Delivering the highest possible return on marketing investments is our mantra. The process begins with researching and understanding your market and planning resource allocation. Web marketing at Applied Interactive is an interdisciplinary practice including managers, web designers, web developers, writers, salespeople, social media gurus, and accountants. Applied Interactive offers a range of services spanning consulting, logo design, web development, content creation, social media management, and advertising. Elements should not be considered independently.

A Holistic Approach Web Marketing Strategy

As we focus on bringing new customers to your business, we insist on a holistic strategy because no matter how great a strategy is—or how pretty a website looks—a single weak link in the process will result in failure to successfully attract visitors and convert them to customers, and thus diminish the return on all investments. A successful web marketing strategy requires careful consideration and planning. As a prospective client of Applied Interactive, the first step is meeting with our team.

Are You Prepared to Invest and Grow?

In the earliest stages of the process, our goal is to assess your current business strategy and evaluate the opportunity. Here are some examples of what we will discuss with you: Are you prepared to invest in marketing on an ongoing basis? Are new customers worth the expense? Are you ready and able to grow? We take as long as required to understand your business, though we are careful not to waste time. Not every prospective client is a good fit. That is okay, and we’d rather take the time to meet and discuss our goals before entering a long-term engagement with the wrong client. If our approach aligns well with your company, we will continue. It is typical for us to meet with you several times to allow all opportunities and strategies to evolve.

Moving Forward with a Proposed Strategy

Once a strategy is determined and a proposal is finalized, we will assign an account manager to begin the development stage. In most cases, a new website can be launched in forty-five days with a supporting marketing program to follow.

Focus on Iterative Improvement

You business, your market, and your web marketing strategies will all evolve over time. For this reason, strategy assessment is an ongoing priority and we try to meet with management teams at least quarterly to review progress, evaluate what is working, and decide what could be improved. There are many facets of web marketing, so ongoing engagement and focus on iterative improvement is paramount to achieving a long-term, high-return strategy.


Our management team will meet with your team to make sure we really understand your business. We want to make sure we can add value and then we’ll develop a plan accordingly.



Is your brand connecting with customers? We offer a fresh perspective and frequently can help define your brand.


Our management team has been involved in several startups and has helped design multiple logos. We frequently like to crowdsource logo design to maximize creative results.


Do you have a tagline that resonates with customers? A tagline accompanies your logo and expresses value as concisely as possible.


Personas define types of customers and can be a useful exercise for internal purposes and for honing navigation and messaging.

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