Web Development Services

Web Development Services Are the Foundation of Web Marketing

Sound web development is the foundation of an online presence and a successful web marketing program. The focuses of our web development services are: establishing credibility, building a mobile-friendly design, ensuring clear navigation and ease-of-use, writing effective calls to action, optimizing your pages, and evaluating the long-term cost of ownership.

mobile web development services

Websites must be responsive; even B2B websites are still dominated by desktop visitors. Most users who access websites on their phones will frown upon the ones that are poorly designed.

Applied Interactive’s web developers are highly capable and have written SaaS platforms, custom PHP websites, e-commerce websites, WordPress plugins, JavaScript, jQuery functions, and more. While we may have the capabilities to execute just about any kind of approach, we won’t advise you to spend a fortune on unnecessary website elements.

Web Development Services Focused on Lowering Long-Term Costs

We are not the least-expensive web development firm, but we look at web development in the context of a larger web-marketing strategy to try and minimize expenditure. We prefer that you save your money and allocate it toward marketing functions like content development, photography, and advertising. Applied Interactive typically advises building on WordPress, which is the most widely used CMS in the world and the power behind some of the most popular websites on the Internet. We use its open-source software to customize website templates that are easy to use on all devices. We also have developer licenses for several premium plugins,which allows us to add custom contact forms, e-commerce capabilities, and more. We host WordPress on WP Engine, which offers lightning-fast load times, near-perfect up time, automatic daily backups, and human support. Having tried many alternatives over the years, we are confident in this approach.

Practical Web Development Services Designed Around You

If after using Applied Interactive as your web marketing agency you decide to take your marketing efforts elsewhere, you will be prepared with a standards-based website that employs the best practices. Your site will be inexpensive to manage and easy to hand over.

Wordpress web development services

Our new site was built with WordPress and launched on WP Engine. It loads wicked fast.

Another key difference in working with Applied Interactive is that we set up all your your key operational accounts, like those of web hosting, to be independent accounts on your credit card. We are here to help things run consistently, but you own and control your website and content. We believe breakups should be easy. We will never hold your website hostage.

Web Development Services Made Simple

Instead of bragging about advanced capabilities, we extol the virtues of simplicity and minimized spending on web development. This may seem odd, considering the business we’re in, but highly customized websites and unnecessary, elaborate functions typically just add friction and cost. When a coder is required to make simple updates to the content of these websites, these elements only increase time and expense to otherwise simple tasks. If there is a case for increased complexity, we are certainly open to discussion, but delivering the highest-possible return on marketing investments is always our goal. Knowing where to avoid expenses without impacting ROI is an essential ingredient when you are trying to optimize on a limited budget.



Our development team has coded several websites from scratch. We are very familiar with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and jQuery.


WordPress drives over 25% of websites on the web. This website is built on WordPress. WordPress lowers long-term cost of ownership because it prevents developers from getting in the way of editing content.

Responsive Design

Responsive design adapts a website’s presentation to the browser size to maintain functionality on desktops, tablets, or mobile devices. Try resizing this window as an example.


We have built e-commerce websites from scratch and rebuilt e-commerce websites that hadn’t worked previously. We have experience with secure credit card processing and other issues faced in e-commerce.

Analytics and Goal Tracking

Analytics track user behavior on the website. They help us know what works and what doesn’t. We are well-versed in Google Analytics, including its advanced features like goal tracking, segmentation, and attribution.

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