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No, we don’t really expect an industrial B2B company to generate meaningful leads on Facebook. Still, a Facebook strategy is essential, as are strategies for Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and other industry-specific platforms. Our social media management services will become an essential part of your web marketing strategy.

Social Media Management Services

We embrace the challenge of taking seemingly arcane B2B organizations and making them accessible and likable on social media.

Social networks have become some of the strongest drivers of links and activity on the Internet. They correlate highly with search engine rankings and simply cannot be ignored in a holistic strategy.

Opportunities for B2B in Social Media

The key is to find the most appropriate way your company can engage with each of the various social networks. Facebook is an opportunity to show your softer side. Do you support any charity? Do you sponsor any little league time? Do you have a corporate barbecue? Do have an employee of the month? Do you have dogs or cats in your office?

These all represent opportunities to generate interest and establish trust with your audience on social media, which correlates with search engine rankings and, ultimately, more leads for your business. We consider the unique attributes of your business and use each social network to develop and deploy an optimized strategy to support your business.


With over 1.65 billion users, Facebook has become a crucial social network for many companies. Even if you are a B2B organization and don’t plan on landing any customers from Facebook, the platform is still essential to establishing a well-rounded marketing strategy.


Twitter is another important component of a well-rounded campaign. We’ll help you navigate followers, hashtags, and retweets.


Google+ may be less popular than other social networks, but it has inexplicably greater weight in search engine rankings. We wonder why that could be . . .


LinkedIn is the professional social network. We will develop your LinkedIn page to establish an appropriate corporate identity.


Pinterest is all about sharing images. Placing photos on your website and then sharing them via Pinterest can have unexpected SEO benefits for companies in any industry.

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