Access Fixtures

Access Fixtures manufactures commercial and sports lighting, and sells it factory direct.

Access Fixtures, which provides commercial and sports lighting, was founded by the partners of Applied Interactive and spun out after rapid growth. Access Fixtures helps electrical contractors win more jobs and make more money by providing lighting expertise and quality products at factory direct pricing. Property manager enjoy the advice of the lighting specialists, quality products and the factory direct pricing. Success with these demographics is fueling 50% year over year growth.

Applied Interactive works closely with Access Fixtures, providing everything from the e-commerce website to ongoing management of search engine optimization and search engine marketing. As content development for Access Fixtures requires technical expertise, Applied Interactive has developed a unique content development program that is closely integrated with Access Fixtures team of lighting specialists.

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Over 100% Traffic Growth

Over $1 Million in Web Sales

How They Did It

Strategy Consulting

Access Fixtures developed an industry leading e-commerce website and web marketing campaign to connect with end users and electrical contractors open to non-traditional distribution.

Web Development

Web development was performed with a focus on navigation and usability due to the complex nature of the product line.  Additional capabilities including live chat were added to the site to ensure customers have everything they need at their fingertips.

Content Creation

The Access Fixtures content creation strategy includes blogging and video creation.  Videos include demonstrations of products as well as learning videos which help customers understand complex topics.

PR & Social Media

Press releases and social media help keep prospective customers informed of new developments and new products lines which are consistently added to the website.

Access Fixtures Commercial and Sports Lighting

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