e-Newsletter Management Service

e-Newsletter Management Services Help You Stay in Front of Your Customers

An e-Newsletter is a key part of a holistic web marketing strategy. Once a prospective, previous, or active customer has shown interest in your company, you should maintain consistent messaging to remind them how awesome you are.

e-Newsletter Management Service

CAN-SPAM compliance is key to keeping your business’ email functions running smoothly.

e-Newsletter distribution lists can be generated from customer lists and a signup form on your website. The e-Newsletter will contain content that highlights your recent news and blog posts and must be strategically aligned with the rest of your messaging. It makes for a relatively simple and cost-effective strategy to attract readers and potential business.

CAN-SPAM–Compliant e-Newsletter Management Service

The e-Newsletter can be managed on services like MailChimp and Constant Contact. We typically default to MailChimp, but we have experience with both. It is absolutely crucial that you use a service for this. You should never, ever send mass mailings from your primary email addresses. The reason? Your messages will soon be marked as spam, which may encourage an ISP to shut down all messages sent from your domain; this can quickly ruin just about any business. It isn’t worth the risk! By utilizing the appropriate tools and maintaining a CAN-SPAM–compliant list, you can achieve the benefits of an e-Newsletter strategy without any negative consequences.

Applied Interactive has been managing e-Newsletter lists for many clients for years now. We have A/B (and C/D/E . . . ) tested campaigns and can reliably achieve open rates and click-through rates that exceed industry averages.


An e-Newsletter is one of the of the most important tools for retention marketing. It is important to send regular, informative, and CAN-SPAM–compliant e-Newsletters to make sure you stay relevant to your customers.

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