Video Production

Build confidence and convey complex ideas with corporate explainers, animations and testimonials.


Testimonial videos highlight the quality of your product and the strength of your customer relationships.


Presented in a standard interview format, these videos help customers learn about an aspect of your business.


Animated videos quickly convey complex concepts related to your market, product or service.

Customer Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are a powerful tool that demonstrate customer satisfaction and allow new prospects to easily envision themselves working with your business. A strong testimonial can create a memorable impression that shows verifiable customer satisfaction and product quality. Using testimonial interviews with real customers is one of the most persuasive forms of content, and smart business owners will not miss the opportunity to capture the praise of a satisfied customer!

B2B Organizations Using Video Content


Reported Statistics
  • Positive Results to ROI 73% 73%
  • Executives That Prefer Video to Text Content 59% 59%
  • Increase in Conversion 80% 80%

Animated Motion Graphics

Animated Motion Graphics, or mographs, are a great way to simplify complex concepts, explore a visual process that cannot be filmed accurately, or obscure proprietary information without sacrificing the communicative power of video. Mographs can also be combined with live-action video to enhance descriptions of processes and interactions, or transition between topics. The flexibility of animation allows us to develop videos that will engage your customers and effectively communicate your brand identity in an attractive and stylish way.

Why is Video Content Valuable?

Video is one of the most effective avenues to quickly build deep and meaningful connections with your prospective customers.

What Can Video Do for You?

B2B organizations have reported strong benefits and defined, positive results since adding video content to their marketing plan.

High Quality Video Content Creation

At Applied Interactive, we work with world-class video production teams to create engaging, exciting content that increases conversion and boosts ROI.

Corporate Explainer Videos

Corporate Explainer videos are an effective opportunity to communicate the identity, values, and core strengths of your brand. This interview-style video allows you to speak directly to customers and prospects in your own words. In a study conducted by Forbes magazine, over half of C-level executives surveyed prefer watching video over reading text, and will seek more information after viewing. Our Corporate Explainer videos are strategically developed to convey a strong, clear message that leaves viewers eager to learn more about your company.

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