Business Tech Enablement Services

Business Tech Enablement Services to Help Your Lead Generation

business tech enablement services

Google Apps is powered by Gmail and gives you a professional address. It is used by major companies, educational institutions, and government agencies.

We aren’t an IT services company, but Applied Interactive uses practical approaches to business tech enablement services. Whether setting up Google Apps, which enables you to have an email address along with the Gmail interface and all associated benefits, or setting up a toll-free number and VirtualPBX to enable an auto-attendant and call routing, we’ll make sure you and your company are covered.

This offering is flexible by nature and really comes down to your requirements. It is our pleasure to consult with our enterprise clients and help configure the systems that will help power your business success.


Having a corporate e-mail address, [JaneDoe]@[organization].com, is an important step toward establishing corporate identity and presenting a professional image. We can help set up best-of-breed cloud email services like Google Apps.

Virtual PBX

A VirtualPBX helps present a professional image with toll-free numbers, recorded greetings, and call forwarding. Big business technology is now accessible to all.


We have experience integrating leads from your websites straight into a CRM. We are familiar with many CRMs, best practices, and integration techniques.


Follow-Up Questions

If you have a question or requirement we haven’t yet covered, just ask! Everything we do will be customized to you and our team is standing by to help.

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