Business Content Creation Services

Managed Business Content Creation Services

Quality, relevant content is the cornerstone of your marketing communication strategy. Every client is different, but most have similar goals. We convey value and credibility to our clients’ prospective customers through website content and supporting venues like a company e-Newsletter. Business content creation services help support traffic and lead goals and include pages on your website, case studies, blogs, photography, and video.


We hold each aspect of our business content creation services to rigorous, form-specific quality standards; every piece we publish is conscious and dynamic. For example, landing pages should demonstrate breadth and depth of competence and case studies should demonstrate expertise as it relates to real-world challenges. Blogs provide opportunities to both explore technical issues and/or add personal and engaging perspectives on things. Our mission is to accumulate a mountain of quality, relevant content for your company. Read our more about the long-tail content strategy.

We manage our editorial staff in our office in Massachusetts and we value working directly with your team to manage an editorial calendar consistent with your business activities and goals. If your business is secretive in nature and you operate under a nondisclosure agreement with your own clients, you may be prohibited to use client names within your content; we can help work around that. We already manage business content creation services with several businesses that prize confidentiality. Our writers are able to delicately avoid naming names or violating agreements while still generating relevant, informative content. For example, if your client is ExxonMobil and you are prohibited from saying their name, we might be able to define them in a non-identifying nature such as “a Fortune 100 oil and gas company.”

Photography and Video Is Engaging Content

Photography and video are key elements as well. These forms of content add rich media to your website and make its design more engaging. A typical photography strategy involves sending out a professional photographer to your site as we prepare the website development. In a one-day shoot, we can typically capture 100–200 shots we will later use throughout your website and in content and social media throughout the year. The process provides great value and is designed to stretch your marketing dollar as far as possible.


We have a video studio you can use, or we can shoot at your location for even higher production value.

For video production, we have an in-house studio and video capabilities that enable a relatively inexpensive option for on-the-fly video creation. We also have established relationships with several video-specialist partners in Worcester and Boston; we manage the whole process, which means our clients can save money and maximize output without any heavy lifting. As your web-marketing partner, our goal is the same as yours. We’ll work with the videographers to streamline the process and make sure every decision has the goal of maximizing your recognized value.

Quality content is our priority; it is no coincidence that high-quality content correlates with good search engine results. We strive to deliver thoughtful and engaging content to our users—a mission closely aligned with search engines.


Content Authoring

Our job is to make your company thrive. Give us a few bullets on a topic and we will turn it into several hundred words for a new webpage.


Blogging is a great way to keep your website fresh with new content, long tail topics, and the happenings in your organization.



Video is one of the fastest-growing ways to convey your message. We can help shoot low-cost videos to cover lots of topics for SEO, and we can also help achieve more elaborate concepts depending on your goals.


Photography is key to developing a visually interesting and engaging website. Typically in a one-day shoot we can get everything needed to launch a new website and a bank of photos to use on an ongoing basis.

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