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Holistic, Content-Driven B2B Search Engine Optimization Services

Because a web search indicates an active interest in a topic, product, or service, it represents a powerful marketing channel. Unlike television or billboard advertising, web search is a form of inbound marketing in which the customer is already looking for someone like you. By implementing SEO, you are setting yourself up to be found. Think of it as the modern version of yellow page advertising (for those who remember what that was), only now, the target market isn’t limited to consumers. The act of searching the web is so universal that B2B search engine optimization services have proven to be a high-impact method of customer acquisition.

b2b search engine optimization services

B2B customers shop for products and services on the web. Are they going to find you?

When people run online searches, they see two main types of results. There are the organic (or natural) results, which are the reason people use search engines in the first place. Then there are the pay-per-click ads, which compete for virtual real estate and clicks and are how search engines make money themselves. Both types can be further classified based on specific searches and the ways in which search engines prioritize the results for their visitors.

Reach the Widest Audience by Considering All Search Facets

Generally the top pay-per-click ads yield a 3–5% click-through rate while the top organic results yield up to 30–50%. Both have value. Pay-per-click ads are effective and immediate, but have high long-term costs, as you literally pay per click. Discoverability can be more challenging via organic results, but if properly optimized, they will ensure larger and longer-lasting profitability.

Achieving organic search engine results requires conscious, thorough optimization of every element of your site. Following the best practices of web development helps search engines know what is on a page. Page-load times and mobile-friendly designs also contribute to a site’s success. Off-page factors include inbound links from other websites. These cross-links are, in most cases, out of your control, but we pride ourselves in the ability to create high-quality content that works hard to get your message out.

Conservative and Genuine White-Hat SEO Only

Applied Interactive does not sell SEO products because SEO as an effort unto itself is not a worthwhile endeavor. You won’t show up at the top of an organic search solely because you want to (everyone wants to) or because you hired a service that promised page-one results (they often fail to follow through).

Black-hat SEO, as it is known, involves manipulating search-engine ranking strategies to rank higher. These tactics may work sporadically but have always been a cat-and-mouse game (only the “cat” is an 800-pound gorilla named Google who will just de-list your page and squash you like a mouse). This approach is off the table.

So how do we accomplish genuine, merited success for our clients? The answer: White hat SEO. We bring customers to our clients’ sites not by deception or subversion but by the generation of quality content directed toward real people. Our technical expertise of ethical, up-to-date SEO practices and our diligent keyword research allow us to competently execute the basics. Most importantly, though, we generate relevant, consistent, high-quality content that connects our clients with interested audiences. What we do isn’t magic or trickery; it’s just hard work.

On Page Optimization

On-page SEO includes keyword research, sitemap and navigation planning, considerate content authoring, header tags, meta tags, alt tags, and more.

Link Building

Inbound links are still one of the cornerstones of Google’s search-ranking algorithms. Is your site share-worthy? Is it being shared? We help you answer “yes” to these questions.


Directory submissions help with local search engine optimization and, to a lesser extent, general search optimization. We build citations by hand. We do not use spammy bulk-submission tools.

Guest Blogging

When done well, guest blogging is about genuine outreach to real blog owners and the sharing of worthy content. You will not find blog networks or spam tactics here.

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